2017 KPL Draft Grades


Another successful draft is in the books for the Kenny Powers Fantasy Fucking Football League.

I’m pretty sure we established a world record for live draft efficiency.  People were prepared, draft boards in one hand, league dues in the other, and the rounds seemed to fly by with little down time in between picks.

Big thanks to the Ralston clan for again letting us idiots loose within the safe confines of their domicile.

I have to say, after hours of deliberation – and despite the assignment of letter grades – I’m no closer to nominating a draft winner than I was beforehand.

In short, you guys killed it (in a good way). As a brief disclaimer, just remember that these grades are for fun, and I am by no means an authority on fantasy.

Having said that, I’ll be looking forward to my victory speech at the end of the year, best/worst luck to all of you!

Draft Grades Guide:

Overall Grade: Uses my own big board to factor in everything: roster construction, value, keeper potential, etc.

Value: Docks points for reaches and awards them for stealing higher-ranked players late. Rankings are according to my big board.

2018 Keeper Scale: Something new I’m trying this year. It goes from 1-10 and offers an early preview into how teams have positioned themselves for 2018.

(teams are listed by draft order)


Just McAdoo It

Overall Grade: B-
Value: C+
2018 Keeper Scale: 7

If this draft was a home, it would be a one-story rancher; it ain’t fancy, but it has everything you need to survive.

The team’s foundation is built by the dual, running threats of Jay Ajayi (1st) and Melvin Gordon (6th). The walls are represented by a solid trio of wideouts: Doug Baldwin (2nd), Damaryius Thomas (3rd) and Davante Adams (4th).

The ceiling will be determined by quarterback Andrew Luck (8th). It is uncertain when he will be healthy enough to play, or how effective he will be upon his return. On the flip side, his draft position could offer solid keeper value for next season.

All in all, it was a solid draft. My one quibble is there could have been a bit more upside – especially armed with the number one pick, hence the value grade.

Who Shot Gamby

Overall Grade: B+
Value: Incomplete
2018 Keeper Scale: 7

Team Gamby raided the mid-round clearance bin, and found some bounce-back candidates in Allen Robinson (4th), C.J. Anderson (5th) and Sammy Watkins (6th).

The trio forms an upside-pendulum that could swing either way. When the dust settles, this may end up being one of the best drafts of the year. Hence, the incomplete grade for value.

I’ve been driving the Stefon Diggs (8th) bandwagon for years, love that pick. He and Pierre Garcon (11th) will be target buckets for their respective teams. Austin Hooper (12th) and Alvin Kamara (16th) are a nice pair of potential keepers.

Bob, Dad of Nate

Overall Grade: B-
Value: C
Keeper Score: 6

Team Nate qualifies for this year’s Grandpa Squad award. The average age of its starters is 32 – and that’s without counting 42-year-old Matt Bryant (15th).

That’s good, because I’m not wild about Ameer Abdullah (6th) or James White (8th). The former is due to injury concerns/playing time and the latter because it’s hard to depend on a Belichick running back.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that they get to pencil in Antonio Brown (1st) and Drew Brees (7th) every week. Those two are about as close to sure things as you can get in fantasy.

Amari Cooper (2nd) will look to continue his ascension to elite, number one status, this year. Jamison Crowder (9th) and Jamaal Williams (13th) offer some nice breakout-potential. If those guys all hit, this grade will look much better, come re-grade time.

Neal Gamby

Overall Grade: A+
Value: A
2018 Keeper Scale: 7

Ezekiel Elliott (1st) and David Johnson (12th).

Porterhouse Griz

Overall Grade: B+
Value: B+
2018 Keeper Scale: 6

Team Griz is apparently all-in on the 2017 Carolina Panthers.

Their fantasy fortunes will lean-heavily on the power trio of Cam Newton (7th), Kelvin Benjamin (5th) and Christian McCaffrey (3rd). In real life, they will present a constant migraine for defensive coordinators. In fake life, the upside is big – especially for the rookie McCaffrey.

Michael Crabtree (4th) and Brandon Marshall (8th) are the missionary position-equivalents of wide receivers: they’re boring, but they get the job done.

Hunter Henry (10th) will eventually be a stud and Willie Snead (11th) might end up being one of the best picks of the draft.

LetMisiKristen Cutler’s TDs

Overall Grade: A
Value: B+
2018 Keeper Scale: 7

OBJ, Le’Veon and Gronk – oh my!

This roster is going to straight up mash. The Ben Roethlisberger/Bell hookup alone will be enough to haunt fantasy opponents’ dreams.

Tight end should not be a problem. In addition to Rob Gronkowski, Team Cutler picked up perennial rock Greg Olsen. They also have promising-rookie Evan Engram in reserve.

The wildcard is Martavis Bryant (8th), who hasn’t donned pads in two years. If he picks up where he left off, this team could ascend the final few yards to dominance.

Mr. Havercamp

Overall Grade: B
Value: B-
2018 Keeper Scale: 9

Team Havercamp struggled on the beer pong table but rebounded to have a solid draft.

Those seeking help at running back will have Team Havercamp on speed dial, this season. They targeted backs early, taking one with four of their first five picks. The haul included a pair of potential, keeper studs in Dalvin Cook (4th) and Derrick Henry (5th).

Considering the league’s PPR-format, however, it remains to be seen whether they have the horses to compete at receiver. Leading the pack is Keenan “If He Stays Healthy” Allen (2nd). Right behind him is Eric “Ditto” Decker (6th), and it gets pretty thin after that.

Judge Elihu Smails

Overall Grade: B+
Value: B
2018 Keeper Scale: 6

Any draft that begins with Jordan Howard (14th) and Michael Thomas (8th) in the folds has a good chance to end up a good one.

Injuries catapulted Kareem Hunt (2nd) into the title of trendy pick of the year. He has potential as a three-down back, but is unproven. Theo Riddick is a good PPR-back, but Charles Sims (12th) and Wendell Smallwood (16th) don’t really do much for me.

Team Elihu targeted wide receivers early. Now they can play the match-ups with Jordy Nelson (1st), T.Y. Hilton (2nd) and DeVante Parker (5th), along with the stud Thomas.

Free Cory

Overall Grade: Incomplete
Value: B
2018 Keeper Scale: 7

Team Cory suffered the indignity of losing a player before the draft even started. At least for the time being, I gave them an incomplete grade.

The fortunes of this squad will ride largely on those of running back Leonard Fournette (1st). He has the talent to bust out a Zeke-like campaign, which would bode well for Team Cory’s 2018 keeper fortunes.

With Eddie Lacy (4th) struggling to find playing time – and Darren McFadden (10th)’s limited timetable of relevance – working the waiver wire to find a few RB2’s will be crucial.

Wide receiver is strong – especially the Tom Brady (7th)/Brandin Cooks (2nd) combo. DeAndre Hopkins (3rd) will be a bargain if he bounces back and touchdown Emmanuel Sanders (8th) is a steal.

Is this the year Tyler Eifert (6th) plays 14+ games and puts it all together? If he doesn’t, hopefully dark horse sleeper O.J. Howard (13th) will be ready to pick up the slack.

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