MC’s Re-draft grades for the Kenny Powers league


As you can see, drafting (and draft grades for that matter) is far from exact science. As the burning carcass of my own team fades to black, here is a rundown of the 2016 season for each time: What went right? What went wrong?

Good luck in the playoffs gents…oh, and everybody show up for the draft next year or you’re getting a kicker in round one!

Team Name: Team Gaskins

Best Pick: Michael Thomas, 10th round
Worst Pick: Sammy Watkins, 5th round

The Skinny: Jay Ajayi emerged as fantasy gold, struck in the nether reaches of the 11th round. Rookie Michael Thomas looks to be a future cornerstone of the Saints offense. The hardest part for Team Gaskins will be selecting their keepers for next season.

Original Grade: A
Revised Grade: A+

Team Name: Slobb on my Cobb

Best Pick: LeGarrette Blount, 11th round
Worst Pick: Dion Lewis, 5th round

The Skinny: The fantasy gods were not smiling on Team Cobb, who missed the playoffs despite finishing second in total points. Todd Gurley’s regression was negated by the selection of Blount, at a spot when most teams are drafting defenses. Cobb also snagged wide receiver value late, with Larry Fitzgerald (7th round) and Marvin Jones (14th).

Original Grade: B-
Revised Grade: A+

Team Name: Rockin JT Laflamablanca

Best Pick: DeMarco Murray, 5th round
Worst Pick: Coby Fleener, 7th round

The Skinny: The best pick is Murray, and it’s not even close. If it weren’t for Ezekiel Elliott, Murray would be the frontrunner for fantasy MVP. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Team JT finished 6-6 – a game outside the playoffs. They were one more elite player or a healthy Gronk away from title contention.

Original Grade: B+
Revised Grade: A

Team Name: Team Coach Singer

Best Pick: Melvin Gordon, 8th round
Worst Pick: Thomas Rawls, 3rd round

The Skinny: Team Singer knows running backs. They used late picks to snatch up Melvin Gordon, Theo Riddick and Tevin Coleman. Brandon Marshall, mired in the Jets’ lackluster offense, was a letdown. Jeremy Maclin posted sub-par numbers before mercifully going down with an injury.

Original Grade: B
Revised Grade: B+

Team Name: St1kindamud Poe

Best Pick: Ezekiel Elliott, 1st round
Worst Pick: John Brown, 2nd round

The Skinny: Turns out that getting 50 points from your running backs every week sets you up for success. Team Poe defied projections and went on to capture the regular season crown. They were led by Elliott, David Johnson and Terrelle Pryor, whom the league drafted as a joke. Who’s laughing now?

Original Grade: C+
Revised Grade: B

Team Name: All Lobs Go To Mike Evans

Best Pick: Derek Carr, 16th round
Worst Pick: Michael Floyd, 5th round

The Skinny: An offense built around Cam Newton and Julio Jones proved to be – like the talented duo’s seasons – inconsistent. Still, Evans made the playoffs despite losing second round pick, Keenan Allen.

Original Grade: A
Revised Grade: B

Team Name: Team Ralston

Best Pick: LeSean McCoy, 3rd round
Worst Pick: Jeremy Langford, 6th round

The Skinny: Team Ralston finished tied for second but, with a low number of points scored, was the odd man out. Health was a concern, going into the season, but vets like LeSean McCoy and Jordy Nelson not only stayed relatively-healthy, they performed to their superstar track-records. After McCoy, however, Ralston was forced to field a mediocre revolving door of running backs (Isaiah Crowell, Terrance West, Rashad Jennings).

Original Grade: B
Revised Grade: B-

Team Name: JPP’s Index Finger

Best Pick: Devontae Booker, 12th round
Worst Pick: Arian Foster, 5th round

The Skinny: This season’s frontrunner for “I could’ve been a contender” status. JPP missed the playoffs despite fielding a loaded roster. Allen Robinson was a bust, and too many of the team’s sleeper candidates (DGB, Corey Coleman, Josh Doctson) failed to pan out.

Original Grade: A
Revised Grade: C+

Team Name: JaMarcus Russellsprouts

Best Pick: Amari Cooper, 3rd round
Worst Pick: Jamaal Charles, 2nd round

The Skinny: Losing your first round pick to injury is a tough hill to overcome. Losing your first AND second pick? That’s just brutal. Russellsprouts was also stuck without star tight end Tyler Eifert for half the season. Injuries exposed the top-heavy roster, which was especially thin at wide receiver.

Original Grade: A-
Revised Grade: C+

Team Name: Nate, Son of Bob

Best Pick: Frank Gore, 9th round
Worst Pick: DeAndre Hopkins, 2nd round

The Skinny: Eddie Lacy: bust. DeAndre Hopkins: bust. The difference between an all-worldly team and a lackluster comes down to nailing your early picks. Team Bob did not. They finished solidly in last place, with the lowest number of points scored.

Original Grade: B
Revised Grade: C

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